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Rhinestone Shirts

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Adding rhinestones to a shirt is a great way to show some pizzazz. We have created a line of unique rhinestone designs for all occasions; Or, let our designers create a custom rhinestone pattern for your school, club or business.

Custom rhinestones are for everyone

Whether you are a restaurant in need of shirts with bling, a dance team, a business, or just looking for a personalized item for yourself we can make you sparkle. We have been creating bling apparel for more than five years. Don't rely on companies who haven't learned the process to create great rhinestone shirts. Turn to the experts to be sure your project comes out right.

Custom Rhinestones can be applied to your favorite Bella-Canvas T-shirts or select from other popular brands of shirts making unique spiritwear. To get your custom rhinestone order started simply complete this form for a free consultation.

Shop for casual rhinestone shirts

Are you looking for apparel pre-decorated with rhinestones? We have just the collection for you. Select shirts for the Bride and Bridesmaids, or Ladies Night Out shirts. We also carry a wide range of rhinestone seasonal shirts such as this Irish T-shirt.

We are located in the Creve Coeur township of St. Louis west county . We're on Old Olive between I-270 and I-170 very close to Lindbergh Blvd.

  • Rhinestone Work ShirtsLadies prefer to wear shirts with bling
  • Spirit T-shirtRhinestone shirts are perfect for spiritwear
  • Rhinestone Radio Station ShirtsCustom rhinestone shirts are possible
  • Rhinestones with printWe are experts at combining screen print with rhinestones
  • Rhinestone Hockey Fan ShirtSports fans love rhinestone t-shirts
  • Company gift storeRhinestone shirts can be playful
  • Rhinestone capsRhinestones can be applied to caps
  • Rhinestone Hockey Mom ShirtSport moms like to wear bling too
  • Rhinestone head bandCheer teams are all about placing rhinestones on everything
  • Rhinestone Tank TopLarge rhinestone patterns look the best
  • Rhinestone SpiritwearClear stones are the most common used
  • Custom Rhinestone Designs
  • Rhinestone Music Station ShirtsMulti-color rhinestone designs have a great impact
  • Rhinestones with Glitter FlakeCreate your own custom rhinestone apparel line
Rhinestone Work Shirts1 Spirit T-shirt2 Rhinestone Radio Station Shirts3 Rhinestones with print4 Rhinestone Hockey Fan Shirt5 Company gift store6 Rhinestone caps7 Rhinestone Hockey Mom Shirt8 Rhinestone head band9 Rhinestone Tank Top10 Rhinestone Spiritwear11 Custom Rhinestone Designs12 Rhinestone Music Station Shirts13 Rhinestones with Glitter Flake14

Tips and tricks for rhinestone apparel

  • Simplify your design. Rhinestones cannot be as detailed as screen print.
  • A one color clear rhinestone shirt often looks better than too many colors.
  • Due to the detail restrictions of rhinestones the designs tend to be full chest.
  • Rhinestones on a garment's back locations risk being popped off during regular wear. Seat backs can be rough on rhinestones placed on the back of a garment.
  • We suggest hand washing and drying rhinestone apparel. The beating of a machine wash/dry can cause the stones to be knocked off.
  • When cheap stones fall off of a garment they leave a grey dot on the garment where the stone had been. This is because cheaply manufactured stones tend to separate from their glue. The glue is left in place still stuck tn the garment.
  • All stone jobs are not created equally. Always purchase custom rhinestone shirts from experts that know what they are doing.

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